Introducing the New Kids Meditation Platform: Wee Meditate

June 9, 2023

You know that feeling of overwhelm when your boss assigns you more work work when you’re already exhausted and behind from your current tasks at hand? The all too familiar anxiety of being packed between two strangers on a hot and overcrowded flight with minimal leg room? Or when you’re trying to fall asleep at night but no matter what you do your mind just wont stop racing? You certainly aren’t alone in these feelings. In fact, the WHO reported a 25% increase of anxiety and depression since 2020, a huge uptick from the year prior.

Thankfully, over the past few years there has been a huge emphasize on prioritizing mental health and seeking relief from feelings of anxiety and depression. Open up a search engine or the app store and you’ll find no shortage of meditation resources and apps that can guide you on your path to emotional wellbeing.

Unfortunately, one large portion the population that equally experiences those very same feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and restlessness has been overlooked: kids. The majority of popular meditation platforms only offer a small subsection of limited content that is specifically for children. That’s why we created the brand new meditation platform: Wee Meditate

Welcome to Dragon’s World

A cartoon image of Dragon's World

Wee Meditate is different from most mainstream meditation platforms because not only is it designed specifically for kids, but it teaches meditation through Dragon’s World, a make believe universe where forest characters meditate and learn alongside your child. In Dragon’s World, all children are represented. Some of his friends are neurodivergent, while some are neurotypical. Whether it be coping with anxiety, having trouble focusing, or struggling to maintain a high self-esteem, our characters experience the same wide range of challenges as your child. Our immersive world accounts for the needs and abilities of all children, something most meditation platforms unfortunately overlook.

It’s no surprise that children have vivid imaginations and have a hefty appetite for seemingly countless stories. That’s why we decided to meet kids where they are developmentally and offer an immersive world full of representative characters your child will easily connect with.

We offer an ever expanding content library complete with bedtime stories, guided story meditations, music, bite sized mini meditations, and a video collection complete with content in American Sign Langauge. No matter what type of meditation your child is needing, all of our material is centered around Dragon’s World, allowing your child to feel instantly at ease with comfortable characters they know and love. Have you ever noticed how your child’s favorite cartoon character never changes their outfit? It’s because kids value sameness and appreciate familiarity in a way that is readily recognizable and feels reassuring. In that same sense, our characters provide a familiar world for your child to slip back into whenever they need a little extra dose of calm or comfort.

The transformational practice of meditation shouldn’t be a one size fits all, adult-oriented experience. It shouldn’t excludes kids and their right for just as much mental wellbeing as their older counterparts. Head over to Wee Meditate where you can find more free information on how meditation can help your child and become better acquainted with Dragon and his forest friends. We can’t wait to see you there!

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