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Waving teddy bear to comfort anxious children

Is your child struggling with anxiety?

They’re not alone, and neither are you.

Many children struggle with anxiety:

  • children with anxiety disorders
  • children with other diagnoses like autism spectrum disorders, ADD, sensory processing disorders, and many other disabilities,
  • and children who, like all of us, are anxious every now and then.

Anxiety in children is more prevalent than you might think.

According to a study in Pediatrics, a journal published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disability facing young children.1

Approximately 50% children who are diagnosed with anxiety disorder have experienced the onset of anxiety symptoms by the time they are six years old.1

Comforting Anxious Children offers articles and resources to help caring adults comfort the children in their lives.

Created by a special education teacher and mom who struggles with anxiety too, the website differs from other mental health or parenting websites because it addresses the ways anxiety affects the whole child…mind (cognitively), body (kinesthetically) and spirit (spiritually).

Experts in mental health, occupational therapy, psychology, education, and spirituality, are part of the team behind Comforting Anxious Children.

On the following pages you’ll find:

  • articles on research-based practices
  • alternative therapies
  • strategies to calm and comfort
  • recommended books and products
  • innovative ideas shared by parents, teachers and professionals.

Where do you begin? 

  • To see a checklist of common physical and behavioral symptoms of a child experiencing anxiety, click here.
  • For an overview of the types of anxiety, click here.
  • To read posts that might help children struggling with each type of anxiety, click here.
  • For a list of products and resources that help calm anxious children, click here.
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions by clicking here.
  • To learn more about Janclick here.
  • To get your free guide, Comfort Your Anxious Child Now, with 20 actionable tools to help your child’s anxiety right now, click here.

If you would like to see a topic addressed on the site, let me know.  I love hearing from my readers, and answer every email.

1Merikangas K. R., He, J. P., Brody, D., Fisher, P. W., Bourdon, K., & Koretz, D. S. (2010). Prevalence and treatment of mental disorders among US children in the 2001–2004 NHANES. Pediatrics, 125, 75–81. doi: 10.1542/peds.2008-2598

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