firework on Guy Fawkes Day

Anxious Children and Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night

“Can you address children’s anxiety and Guy Fawkes Day?” Until this question, sent to me from a CAC reader in the UK, I had never heard of Guy Fawkes Day. Never heard the refrain, “Remember, remember the fifth of November.” But after doing a…

November 3, 2017
children's picture book

Books to Comfort Anxious Children: Fletcher and The Falling Leaves

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves book image copyright and courtesy of Tiphanie Beeke Comforting Anxious Children’s Soothing Story Selection 1 by Janis D. Gioia, MAEd. Do you know a child who worries and struggles with changes? I bet they would love to meet Fletcher.…

October 30, 2017
mom and daughter reading together

10 Tips for Reading to Comfort an Anxious Child

By Janis D. Gioia, MAEd. Books have the ability to calm and comfort children with anxiety, autism spectrum, depression and other mental health challenges and disabilities. Sometimes clinicians, parents and teachers use bibliotherapy. Bibliotherapy books help a child through a difficult time (grief, hospitalization,…

October 27, 2017