How to Help Anxious Children with the Holidays

Tips for Triggers that Cause Anxiety and Meltdowns in Kids By Janis D. Gioia, MAEd Anxious children need extra comfort at the holidays. Things that are merry and bright are often scary and frightening to kids with autism, anxiety, sensory processing disorders or other mental health challenges. Despite your best planning, you might find yourself at the mall with one child who can’t wait to see Santa and another whose initial excitement has faded; the crowd and noise have him on the verge of a total meltdown.  Can you calm your anxious child right now, in the line that weaves around Santa’s Winter Wonderland? Maybe…if you catch your child’s anxiety before it gets out of control. First:  Make sure your child is: Not overheated. Malls at the holidays are hot and crowded.  While gentle heat calms, being overly warm causes anxiety. Taking off coats and hats might help. Not hungry.  Hunger makes anyone irritable.  Low blood sugar can cause anxiety, sweating and shaking.  Good snacks to keep on hand include healthy fats and lean protein.  Try: soy or nut butters on crackers, cheese sticks with a small piece of fruit. Hydrated.  Being dehydrated leads to a variety of symptoms, including anxiety. … Continue reading How to Help Anxious Children with the Holidays